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Welcome... your personal server!

Imagine: You are far away from your home. You want to access your documents. Unfortunately you don't have your computer with you. What are you going to do?

Normally you have to abandon your documents. No access... is that really necessary? Access to your data all over the world We think:
There is a way out. It is called Personal Server. That is your personal safety box where you can store your documents, your photographs, your music, your program files. Your Personal Server will take delivery of all the files you want to be saved. It doesn't matter where your are. You only need a public computer and a connection to the internet - that's all!

Think of Personal Server as an external hard drive. Wherever you may be - all needed data is available! Securely stored and accessible only for you and the persons authorized by you. Take a look at our privacy policy and learn more about the possibilities Personal Server will give to you. Data protection and data interchange aren't opposites anymore!

And the best is: Personal Server is totally free of charge! The following list contains the most important features free Personal Server offers to you:

  • your account is absolutely anonymous
  • you will receive monthly the newest Personal Server newsletter with many articles about digital life, internet security, online crime, advice respecting anonymity on the web and a lot of more very interesting themes
  • unlimited upload of files (each file < 1.000.000 bytes)
  • encrypted storage of your files
  • download only by defined user groups
  • add personal comments to your uploaded files

Do you want more? O.K. - then you will need a premium account (we call it membership++). Look here!


Click here to register your Personal Server membership. It's free!