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Do you need more?

O.K. ... look at the additional features of Personal Server Membership++. More security. More comfort. More usergroups. More chances... Membership++ lets you manage your files in the most individual manner. And it is a way to communicate with your friends, your mother, your clients, your opponents...

Here is a list of some additional features of Membership++ :

  • upload files up to bytes (DVD-proof!)
  • manage individual rights to access for each file
  • PS data shredder™ - the most secure way to delete unused files
  • send and receive private messages to / from other PS members
  • free subdomain like
  • send e-mails via our anonymous proxy server to any person you like - several sender IPs of Europe, America and Africa are available - pick out your favourite!
  • view the complete user list: full name, user name, e-mail address, uploaded files, access rules - download CSV list
  • no advertising of external sponsors
  • secure access via https

Personal Server Membership++ is not a free service. If you choose Membership++, we charge a monthly amount of € 6.95. And we don't offer a form to fill in, because we want to know our M++ members. We love the dialogue to our clients. Please contact us by using the contact form and tell us the reason why you want to be a M++ member.

Free test

You may test our membership++. Absolutely free. Two monthes. Form your opinion about M++! Interested? Then let us know it!